How to Play the
California Challenge

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California Challenge participants receive:

  1. Official 5K, 10K or Half Marathon Training Program
  2. Official California Challenge Shirt (a super soft, eco-friendly shirt made by Northern California's Farm fresh Clothing Co.)
  3. Inaugural California Challenge Medal designed and manufactured by fellow events company, Aravaipa Running.
  4. Digital badges, mini-challenges, custom California content to rekindle your love with the Golden State.



Or Go Digital: Get the same event experience but skip the shirt and medal and save some cash along the way.


Fundraise: We also are providing an opportunity to donate and fundraise for Leave No Trace through Race Roster. Learn more about Leave No Trace.

This is not just another mileage challenge. This is an opportunity for everyone from walkers, new runners and even elites to test yourself from Half Mile to Half Marathon, We've created 12 distinct distances honoring California's diverse regions and set in a State Park, which you can learn more about by visiting the Challenges page. 

You can run each distance wherever you want, whenever you want (until the end of the year), as many times as you want and in any order.

California Challenge Distances:
Half Mile, 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 4K, 5K, 4 Mile, 5 Mile, 10K, 12K, 8 Mile, 10 Mile & Half Marathon.

California Challenge Points Leaderboard:
You may submit your times to our interactive leaderboard, where you'll earn points for a particular Region to see how you rank by distance as well as how you rank across all 12 Regions. Participation in the leaderboard is not necessary, but it will further motivate you 💪

Participants will receive an Instructions email after their registration is done being processed. This typically takes an hour. Please check your email for these instructions. 

Share Your Journey:
Join our Facebook Community Group or tag @RunLocalEvents and use #RUNCALIFORNIACHALLENGE wherever you do social.

You've logged your Half Mile or 5K or 12K in the Spring, but you want to show improvement and repeat the distance. We got you covered.


Your registration includes the option to log each distance as many times as you'd like in 2021, at no additional charge, in order to improve your time.

We love positive reinforcement and we'll show you some love all along your journey through digital badges for milestones such as completing a Region or for repeating segments X amount of times. Along the way unlock nuggets of gold, such as the 10 x Half Mile Yasso Badge.


We'll also occasionally offer up short mini-challenges with prizes to boot. Regardless if you win or not, you're already a winner in our book.

One of the cool features of the California Challenge is the ability to not only create a team where you'll motivate one another to new heights but see how you stack up amongst all teams. Here’s how it works:


  1. Log your segments (manually or on a supported device)
  2. See how you fare against your teammates with no minimum or maximum number of team members required
  3. Compete against other teams with the top-four performers per team at each distance scored in the following categories:
    1. All – Top 4 fastest; must contain team members from at least two gender categories (Female, Male, Non-Binary)
    2. Male – Top 4 fastest males on your team
    3. Female – Top 4 fastest females on your team

Each team member does not need to complete all 12 Challenges (although that's encouraged 🙌), but you will need 4 team members to score at a particular Challenge distance. Game it out and may the best team win!

For large, competitive teams you can also think about splitting yourselves up into Team A, Team B, Team C, etc.

In partnership with PWR Lab get your Challenge Distances onto our leaderboard with manual entries or sync up a GPS device. 

PWR Lab is currently compatible with Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and COROS. We recommend that Suunto users sync to Suunto App rather than Movescount.

No GPS Device Pro Tip:
If you do not have a supported GPS device, but carry a phone while you run, you can download the FREE Suunto App and use the app's GPS activity recorder to sync with PWR Lab.

What about my Apple Watch? Apple Watch is not currently compatible, but PWR Lab is working hard to get it integrated. 

Learn more in the FAQs.

Trusted by athletes of all levels and the most innovative brands & organizations.

PWR Lab is a running analytics company created to help runners avoid training injuries by connecting big data with sport science. The platform helps runners of any level predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally.

You’re eligible to redeem a free trial on their platform – no credit card info needed, no obligation, no risk – which begins when you create your account.

For more information on PWR Lab check out their FAQ, or YouTube Channel for tutorial videos.