Leave No Trace

Supporting Wildfire Education Initiatives in the Golden State

Last year wildfires ravaged the West, and people are the culprits in starting nearly 85 percent of all wildfires according to the US Department of the Interior. 3.1 Billion dollars were spent in 2018 for fire suppression. It is more important than ever to learn and practice Leave No Trace with your campfires and fire management in the outdoors.

Donate, Fundraise & Earn

The California Challenge encourages participants to donate, fundraise, and spread awareness for Leave No Trace and their wildfire education initiatives in the Golden State. Together we can ensure that none of us have to alter our outdoor plans due to wildfire ever again.

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Step 1. 💰 Donate or Raise $200 for Leave No Trace’s wildfire education initiatives.

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🔥 100% of proceeds from the California Challenge Event Hat will be donated to leave No Trace!

Step 1. 💰 Buy the California Challenge Event Hat for $30. 

Step 2. 🙏🏾 100% of proceeds will be donated to LNT’s wildfire education initiatives. 

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Learn the Leave No Trace Seven Principles

Kids at the Yosemite National Park Valley School live, go to school and play in Yosemite National Park year-round. (Don’t be jealous.) (Okay, we know, you can’t help it.)

Growing up in one of the most iconic U.S. National Parks means that your backyard is many people’s dream vacation spot. It also means that you see the effects of millions of people visiting your “backyard” who might not know how to take care of it.

Even the school’s youngest students can explain the negative effects of feeding animals (“It makes the animals sick and they keep coming back for more food”) or not putting your campfire (“Sparks can fly and make a wildfire”). So we knew who to turn to when we wanted to make a video on the Leave No Trace Seven Principles.